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In contrast to all the back and forth about what is fake news or real news this site offers clarity. In short, has every bill the House of Representatives and the Senate votes on. Moreover, we have every action the President takes, and every Supreme Court decision.

Clearly, this is the real news without the bias of the mainstream media.  In addition, we present The United States of Awesome Podcast and exclusive political commentary to give a fresh, yet unique view on the issues.  Most of all, explore, enjoy, and share with your friends!!!

Long ago, President Eisenhower said, “politics ought to be the part time profession of every citizen.”  Therefore, use the data from this site to hold your elected officials accountable for the actions they take by calling them, voting, and, most of all, urging your peers to do the same.  In sum, knowing is only half the battle.

Real News 57

Keeping Up With Congress

Every vote cast by the House and Senate

Real News 57

Presidential Actions

Everything the President signs into law, the weekly address, press briefings and more.

Real News 57

Supreme Court Decisions

Every decision and opinion rendered by the Supreme Court

Real News 57

The United States of Awesome Podcast

Unscripted discussion of political issues hosted by Daniel McClain and Scott Bridgford

Real News 57

Political Commentary

Written analysis and opinion on various political topics

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Secondly, if you would like to help by adding resources, articles, or info to our site we would be more than happy to consider publishing anything that helps us accomplish our mission of holding the government accountable.